• Ссылка на вакансию: RMS0207182

Vessel Scheduler

  • Сектор: Oil & Gas
  • Местоположение: Trinidad and Tobago
  • Тип вакансии: Contract
  • Дата публикации: 27.02.2019
  • Продолжительность: 6 months - renewable
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Roles & responsibilities:
* Develop and initiate the short term vessel operational plans in conjunction with the delivery team, taking consideration of when material need to be offshore/onshore by prioritising and optimising vessel and deck utilisation.
* Maintain and issue the daily sailing and cargo operations plan in conjunction with requirements and priorities as directed by the business, but always in conjunction with the delivery team.
* Responsible for creating, maintaining, and dissemination of the tri-weekly (Mon-Wed-Fri) supply vessel schedule to all stakeholders on/offshore. Provide input to, and prepare vessel forecast using client demand planning tool based on forecasted activity sets to ensure sufficient vessels in the fleet to support the operation. Send update 10 day look ahead daily to all internal stakeholders daily.
* In conjunction with the Logistics Coordinators and vessel masters, compile the deck plan layout and share the shipping list with key stake holders at the 72hr, 48hr, and 24hr cut-off time prior to sailing. Flagging any potential spill over cargo (over and under deck cargo) well in advance.
* Coordinate offshore installation priorities/restrictions with efficient and effective vessel routing and ensure that requirements for fuel, potable water and backload space are met and incorporated into the daily plan. Communicated detailed vessel plans per asset to relevant focal points.
* Coordinate with various teams(quayside , marshalling yard, pipe yard, tank cleaning) the plan for working the vessel in port via daily AM and PM planning meetings taking consideration of movements in port and minimising port idle time to effectively turn the vessel around.
* Coordinate vessel crew changes/maintenance/audits/dry docking so as not to jeopardise the delivery operation and to highlight to the delivery team areas of reduced capacity that will cause disruption to operations.
* Coordinate vessel tank cleaning and bulk load out with relevant contractors so as to enable on time in full delivery. Also communicating tank assignments for load out and updating of bulk look ahead
* Responsible for data collection applicable to deck utilization but not limited to supply base cargo & vessel KPI metrics. Responsible for updating relevant information in Wels and eSystems as needed.
* Respond to changing priorities, unforeseen operational issues (for example breakdown) and when opportunities arise, to identify/facilitate vessel sharing.
* Re-route vessels if necessary upon approval, discussing operational concerns with client Logistics Delivery Team, installations and vessel Masters, along with the clients Marine Assurance group.
* Maintain communications with offshore installations providing updated ETAs of vessels so as to ensure they are ready to work vessels in a timely manner thereby minimising vessel idle time. Effective turnaround to reduce CO2 emissions by reducing fuel consumption.
* Monitor the whereabouts of client chartered vessels including mobile rigs, DSVs Survey vessels, flotels, crane barges etc., operating in client controlled areas.
* Challenge and highlight any areas of low or non-value activity and waste to the Delivery Team, incorporating continuous improvement and best practice where applicable.
* 24/7 monitoring of radio communications via VHF radio on channels assigned along with mobiles and landlines for Marine operations and activities.
* 24/7 monitoring of emails responding to all queries requests and instructions received. All emails must be answered in a timely manner keeping open communication to all parties. Unresolved queries or requests must be handed over via the hand over report template.
* Track the movement and activities of all marine operations and share this information at every shift change via the vessel status report template.
* Compile and report on the following logs as a minimum:
o Vessel status report
o Handover report
o Brighton anchorage activity log
o Brighton berth activity log
o Pilot bookings
o Water & fuel log
o Galeota berthing log
o Field & close standby planner
o Daily transfer requests

* Ensure all vessels load the required ordered amounts of water and fuel while in port, working in conjunction with the cargo planning team and logistic coordinators to establish the most appropriate times.
* Plan and monitor all bulk operations in conjunction with the cargo planning team communicating timely via emails/ phone calls and recording any delays and all delays to operations via the necessary logs.
* Ensure the pilots are booked for all port entry and egress / any other statutory requirements and track performance against bookings ( actual arrival, job completion etc)
* Any other duties as directed in support of operations by relevant Line Manager.

Essential Skills / Qualifications:
Experience in Vessel sharing/pooling.
Demonstrate strong team building skills and problem solving ability.
Excellent communication skills.
Ability to develop and sustain collaborative relationships at all levels within the organisation across the supply chain.
Knowledge of the contents of the Guidelines for Offshore Marine Operations (GOMO) statutory regulations, guidelines and industry codes of practice.
Demonstrate a good understanding of business operations and associated information with previous exposure and interaction with interconnected business intelligence data streams
Experience in generating of KPIs reports and setting up of systems to gather information
Experience with working with and manipulating large databases

Other: Relocation or work-visa sponsorship is not offered.

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