• Ссылка на вакансию: RMS0203041

Offshore IFO Coach (Incident Free Operations)

  • Сектор: Oil & Gas
  • Местоположение: Scotland
  • Тип вакансии: Contract
  • Дата публикации: 28.11.2018
  • Продолжительность: 12 months
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The Role:
Key Job Responsibilities:
Required to provide Incident Free Operations (IFO) Coaching and promote Operational Excellence performance which includes but not limited to:
Incident Free Operations Coaching
- Assist client leaders to ensure that clients values and IFO principles are embedded to develop and sustain an IFO culture. To achieve the development of IFO culture a significant proportion of assigned work time will be spent on deck supporting operational activities.
- Implement IFO Plans. Update as required and align with client Human Performance Processes and client performance .
- Provide specific coaching to leaders on authentic and visible leadership and the development and sustaining of an IFO culture. This should include one on one coaching on delivering IFO messages, role model behaviours and engagement styles.
- Use available data and feedback to identify existing installation cultures and determine the individual, organisational and Human Performance barriers to achieving IFO.
- Observe and support front line supervisor performance in engaging with work teams at the place of work and leading safety discussions, interventions and MSW engagement formats. Provide coaching to improve performance.
- Facilitate and deliver IFO education and coaching sessions in alignment with IFO plans and priorities. This will involve focusing on human performance themes, IFO concepts or issues within a workgroup, with a view to reinforcing a positive culture or addressing issues or perceptions preventing cultural improvement.
- Identify key influencers in work groups and leverage and develop their skills as Workforce Champions to support an IFO culture.
- Attend installation meetings and shift briefings as appropriate. Provide feedback and coaching on observed behaviours, encouraging open dialogue and discussing learnings.
- Conduct field verification and validation (V&V) during work execution using standard protocols that are aligned with the Upstream V&V Program.
- Provide coaching to work crews. Utilise directional coaching and/or coaching techniques to support individuals to take on new behaviours by challenging current behaviours and beliefs which do not support IFO.
- Recognise leading performance and effective use of client safety tools & human performance tools providing positive feedback wherever possible by making people aware of what they are doing and the effect it is having on IFO.
- Provide support and targeted coaching on IFO and associated expectations to all SSE green hats, especially those new to the industry and/or facility.
- Supports a learning culture between installations and across shifts. Encourage individuals to learn from each other and from events which occur during daily activities by utilising and imbedding use of relevant tools and practices that support this.
- Record interventions in activity logs, identify trends and gather information to support targeted interventions. Monitor and review performance and success of coaching methods and develop ongoing strategies to support development of an IFO culture through provision of tangible data to the HES team. 

Promote Operational Excellence (OE)
- Provide subject matter expert support for offshore preparation prior to regulatory, certification and corporate inspections/audits of installations.
- Support and highlight OE and base business processes which support IFO.
- Identify and communicate non-compliance with OE and base business process which directly support IFO.
- Support offshore management of incident investigation and reporting. Facilitate complex level 2 and 3 incident investigations and provide coaching on incident investigation protocol, techniques and development of SMART actions.
- Maintain links with Onshore OE group and champion implementation of client processes and initiatives.
- Engage with new personnel arriving offshore to drive awareness of client expectations including personal responsibility for safety and IFO principles.
- Promote and provide coaching on the use of Behavioural Based Safety. Assist line management in the review of data and coach their delivery of feedback to workgroups.
- Provide support to offshore committees as applicable and where value can be added.

Required skills, experience and qualifications:
- Degree preferred or equivalent level of work experience.
- Demonstrated competency working offshore in previous roles and proven knowledge of hazards and risks. Competent in risk assessment, offshore safe working practices. Passionate about safety.
- Familiar with human behaviour patterns with respect to safe work, human factors issues and principles underpinning human actions.
- Existing Excellent coaching credentials or willingness to be trained as a coach in a combination of classroom and on the job training.
- Ability to observe behaviours at all levels and provide feedback in a constructive positive manner.
- Good communication (verbal and written) and influencing skills at all levels of the offshore workforce.
- Able to leverage personal positive energy to drive change
- Establish collaborative relationships with key stakeholders to ensure a coordinated approach of safety coaching support across client.
- To promote understanding and responsibility towards IFO.
- Attend onshore/offshore meetings as required and relevant industry focus groups
- Actively participate in the safety coach community of practice.

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